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Sepidan Osareh Jonoob

One of the leading manufacturers in the global licorice market is Sepidan Osareh Jonoob Company. Our company was established in 2003, under management of experienced engineers and experts in licorice market. It is located in Homashahr, Fars Province, Iran. Our company has been nationally selected as one of the best producers and exporters for several years. It is also internationally chosen as one of the premier companies for observing standards in production quality control management.

Our Products

Our Company is able to produce a wide range of licorice products according to customers’ requests. Our products include licorice extract powder, licorice extract blocks, licorice extract paste, licorice extract nuggets, licorice extract granules, licorice root powder, various forms of licorice roots and licorice DGL.  No additives are used in our products and they are completely pure and natural. Our natural products are exported to all over the world.

Licorice Paste
solid licorice blocks
Liorice powder
Licorice Root

Sepidan Osareh Jonoob

Best Quality Liquorice

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Our Policy

We aim to satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations. We offer services and products adapting to customers’ requirements. We try as much as possible to observe global standards in manufacturing, quality management and packaging. The packaging is done based on European Standards. We respect the environment and related rules as well.
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Equipment and Devices

There is advanced machinery in production lines including extractors, finishers, filtration systems, spray-dryers, evaporators and many others. An equipped laboratory also exists inside the factory. There are modern devices like HPLC in the lab. Our products in every stage of production are monitored by the lab staff.
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Wide Range of Products

Our company is able to produce various licorice products like: licorice extract powder, licorice extract blocks, licorice extract paste and so on.


Long-term Experience in Licorice Market

We have been active in licorice market for a long time. Due to our experience and our teamwork, we are known as one of the best producers and exporters in the world.


Premium and Pure Products

Our products are absolutely pure, without any additives or artificial material. They are produced according to global standards.


Constant Support

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